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Interactive PG Lab

Interactive PG Lab

by Mike Daven -
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Can we get access to the Interactive PG Lab in a separate location?  We saw this on Monday as part of the homework set "Workshop 1 PM", which is still there, but it would be handy if we could get to this more directly! 

I tried the PGLab button in the problem editor window, but it behaves strangely (text overlaps as you type, the "results" are unclear since it doesn't display the output for the code you enter). 

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Re: Interactive PG Lab

by Davide Cervone -
The PGlabs are pretty complicated under the hood, and they do have to adjust some CSS to overcome issues in the WeBWorK themes. The copy that is linked to the PGLab button on the editor is older than the one we are running for this course, and changes to the math4 theme have not been taken into account. That code should be updated, but I don't have access to the course to do that. I'll look into getting it fixed.

In the meanwhile, this version is a little more up-to-date (though still not perfect). You cold bookmark that link.