Installation on remote (commercial) web host?

Installation on remote (commercial) web host?

by Alasdair McAndrew -
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Last year I experimented with installing WeBWorK on my office computer (which was running Ubuntu 12.04). After much fiddling and headscratching, and downloading and configuration, I got it all working (and felt very pleased with myself). However, owing to my university's IT security, that machine can't be accessed from outside, unless you log into the uni's VPN.

So I'm thinking of grabbing hold of a bit of space on a remote server, and using that. This will mean that I can't use physical disks (such as CDROMs or DVDROMs with ISO images). I can either pay for a commercial web hosting system, or find a nice friend to gift me a few GB somewhere.

Most such web hosts come with control panels such as cPanel or webmin; I don't know if such tools would be useful or not.

But anyway - what should I ensure is available if I want to install and run WeBWorK from a remote web host?