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Small note about an occurrence in PGML's centering

Small note about an occurrence in PGML's centering

by Ian Delbridge -
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I decided to try out a problem using PGML, and I initially had a few problems that got resolved just as I got used to the different syntax, but I noticed something that's a little disconcerting. Here it is.

This code:
>>[________]{$ans1}[``f([$b])-f([$a])``] [_______]{$ans2}  <<

runs perfectly and gives me a nice centered inequality with answer blanks. However, upon editing this, I noticed that this code:

>>[________]{$ans1}[``f([$b])-f([$a])``] [_______]{$ans2}  << 

does not run perfectly. It gives me something that looks closer to this. 
   < f(b)f(a)<  <<
It's the equation that I wanted, but right justified and with "<<". 
"What's the difference?" you're probably asking, and that's the problem. The only difference is a space after the "<<" in the second piece of code. 
I imagine this is something that might be changeable. It might cause some other people some trouble, so I thought I'd point it out. (By the way, it works the same way on the other side. If "<<" has a space before it, it causes a similar phenomenon.)

-Ian Delbridge