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Newly written problem won't show in HWSetEditor

Newly written problem won't show in HWSetEditor

by Andrew Parker -
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First, WeBWorK, PG are updated to the latest stable versions.

I just wrote this problem. It won't display in Hmwk Sets Editor (MathJax nor Images), but displays just fine in Library Browser and Homework Sets.This is the only thing that shows up in Hmwk Sets Editor, whether rendered with MathJax or Images. As far as I can see, the problem works fine when assigned, or when browsed in the Library Browser, but looks like a failed problem Hmwk Sets Editor - which is fine for *me*, I know better, but when sharing with colleagues at my institution, I don't want them to be unnecessarily concerned.

Problem Code:

$showPartialCorrectAnswers = 1;

   showProperFractions =>1,

$n1=$na1+$nb1;                       ## REQUIRED FOR strictFractions=>1


$n3=$na3+$nb3 - $d3;
$ans3=Fraction("1 $n3/$d3");

$n4=$na4+$nb4 - $d4;
$ans4=Fraction("1 $n4/$d4");

\(\frac{$na1}{$d1} + \frac{$nb1}{$d1}\)=    \{ans_rule(3)\}
knowlLink("Click for a hint", 
value=>'These two fractions already have the same denominator, so add the numerators and keep the common denominator.') 

\(\frac{$na2}{$d2} + \frac{$nb2}{$d2}\)=    \{ans_rule(3)\}
knowlLink("Click for a hint", 
value=>"Sometimes fractions that didn't reduce before adding will produce a sum that DOES reduce.") 

\(\frac{$na3}{$d3} + \frac{$nb3}{$d3}\)=    \{ans_rule(3)\}
knowlLink("Click for a hint", 
value=>"Sometimes adding proper fractions results in an improper fraction. For this problem, you need to write your answer in Mixed Fraction form instead of Improper Fraction form.") 

\(\frac{$na4}{$d4} + \frac{$nb4}{$d4}\)=    \{ans_rule(3)\}
knowlLink("Click for a hint", 
value=>"Be sure to reduce your answer, and make sure you're answering with a mixed fraction instead of an improper fraction.") 



COMMENT('MathObject version');
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Re: Newly written problem won't show in HWSetEditor

by Andrew Parker -
This post can be deleted. There was an error with problem #2, where the randomization allowed for the sum to be 1 (in this case, 3/6+3/6), rather than a proper fraction.

I had tried rebooting my server and it didn't fix the error - which leads me to believe that Hmwk Sets editor has a fixed seed that it uses to render the problems? If so, does anyone know what it is?