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Changing the font used in WW problem answer fields

Changing the font used in WW problem answer fields

by Brian Chase -
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I don't know whether there's some readily configurable option for this, or if it's a matter of editing style sheets, but...  Several of the faculty I'm support have requested that the answer boxes in which students enter their problem answers use a different font than the default one that's used by default.  We're running WW 2.8 with the "math4" theme, and we'd like to stick with using math4.

We ran into a situation where a student was entering in their answer that including the use of the ln() natural log function, but instead of a lower-case 'L' they wrote it with an upper-case 'I' which, in the sans-serif font used by WeBWorK, is indistinguishable from the correct way of writing it.  Since we're supporting increasing numbers of users who don't have English as a first language, or even written languages with Latin character based alphabets, we'd like to have the answer boxes use a fixed or serif font where it's easier to differentiate between the number '1', a lower case 'L' and upper case 'I', or between an upper case 'O' and the number '0'.   There are probably other examples, but those came to mind offhand.

Thanks for any suggestions!