Feedback sent only to instructor

Feedback sent only to instructor

by Mike Daven -
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I got some feedback from a student today -- that's great!  I am the instructor for the course, and I was able to address their question. 

The problem is that the message also went to our person in IT, the one who set up our WW installation.  I'd like to make sure he doesn't get these emails, he doesn't need to see questions from students. 

How do I set things so that messages only go to the instructor when a student uses "Email Instructor"? 

I think that our IT person was added to the class list automatically when the course was created -- his email is there and his permission level is set to "professor".  Can I safely delete our IT person from the class list, remove his email, or set his permission to lower than professor?  I am guessing he could get in through the "admin" account if he needed to.  Is there any reason why I should avoid this sort of change?