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Can correct answers be typeset?

Can correct answers be typeset?

by Adam Weyhaupt -
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When a student checks the "correct answer" box, the correct answer is not nicely typeset, while their preview answer is nicely typeset (I'm using image mode). Is there an option to control this behavior? Or does this have to do with the way the question is written? For a concrete example:


with seed 30

displays sqrt(2)/2 (in text) as the solution.


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Re: Can correct answers be typeset?

by Michael Gage -
It's a reasonable feature to ask for but there is no standard option to choose typeset presentation of the answer and I don't think that there are any tricks that would make it happen. With MathObjects in particular you have some control over how the correct answer is presented (e.g. 3*2x for the second derivative of x^3 instead of 6x) but typesetting is not one of them.

I remember that the rationale for presenting the TI calculator notation instead of the typeset notation was to show the student how to correctly enter the answer to the question. (If desired they can see the preview version by copying the correct answer into the answer blank and pressing the preview button.)

It shouldn't be that difficult to make a typeset vs. calculator string option that could be set on a problem by problem basis or perhaps as a user preference.

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Re: Can correct answers be typeset?

by Davide Cervone -
Under the current framework, there is no way to get the typeset correct answer. I think the reasoning for this was that the correct answer was to show what the students should have typed, and so it should be text, not typeset.

There is also an issue of screen real-estate to deal with. The answers table already has too many columns, and adding another would really make it difficult to format well. We have talked about some ways to improve that, like clicking on the correct answer to get a popup typeset version or something similar, but nothing has been done on that yet.

There are some internal technical issues that I would like to see addressed related to the answers table, in particular, in the ability for the answer checkers to specify the result in various formats (HTML, TeX, answer sting, etc). Currently, these are not well separated in the answer hash.