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Very slow to reload!

Very slow to reload!

by Alasdair McAndrew -
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I don't know whether this is a problem with WW, or just with my server, but a problem it is: when I first log in to WW, and start to create a homework set, I can bring up a page of problems from the OPL very quickly. However, if I wish to choose some different problems - or even the next page of problems, my system takes ages to refresh the page, and sometimes just hangs with an error message.

This means that what should be a simple task (selecting 10 integration problems, say, for an elementary calculus set), can take well over an hour, with all the waits, the crashes, the logging out and back in.

Is this a known issue for anybody - and is there a work-around?
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Re: Very slow to reload!

by Michael Gage -
If this only happens when you visit the library browser than I would check to see if there are self referencing links in the library directory tree. E.g. a link down a level in the library tree that points back to the top level.

This happens from time to time and can cause infinite loops. I don't know if that is what is causing the symptoms on your machine.

-- Mike