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using student answers to generate output

Re: using student answers to generate output

by Joel Trussell -
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Scaffolding looks like it might work. How do I access the student answer? In order to set a variable equal to it, if it doesn't have to be the correct answer.
I checked 
but could understand how. 

Example: part 1 - student chooses a frequency F for a sinusoid (1<= F <= 10). 
I'll accept any answer as correct if it is in the interval [1,10]. 
part 2 - I draw a graph using the student's frequency F + dF, a random number and ask the student if this is the correct graph. If dF = 0, it is, if dF != 0 it is not. 
this is not the complex problem that I'd use but it illustrates the concepts I'm after.