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Students report question changed after hitting submit

Students report question changed after hitting submit

by Charysse Redwood -
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Hello All,

A few instructors using WeBWorK have gotten reports from reliable students that, when working on a webwork timed test, they entered an answer to a problem correctly and after hitting the 'grade test' button, the question had changed. So now their previously correct answer was marked incorrect .

I searched the forum but did not see this problem. Has anyone else encountered this?

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Re: Students report question changed after hitting submit

by Alex Jordan -
This was during a Gateway Quiz?

It would be worth checking the problems to see if any of them use problemRandomize.pl or PeriodicRandomization.pl, which are designed to produce new versions of the problem. They might not be functioning well in a Gateway Quiz.

If it were a regular set, then I have had the same assertions from students in the past. But I am convinced that they did not hit Submit. Rather, they hit the enter key. Normally this induces a push of the Preview button. But if problemRandomize.pl is used, a "Give me a new version" button precedes the Preview button, and their pushing of enter induces a push of this button. They are convinced they pushed submit, but in those cases I am convinced that it is actually user error.

This shouldn't apply to a Gateway Quiz, because I would hope that the "Give me a new version" button is not provided. But it's still worth investigating if either of those macro files are in use.