shibboleth problems with 2.9

shibboleth problems with 2.9

by john saylor -
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trying to get shib auth to work on webwork.

what happens is that i authenticate to via shib just fine, but i am having trouble getting webwork to acknowledge and accept the authentication.

i login via shib, but then the site i'm trying to bring up says 'Not logged in'

i'm also not getting a lot of help from the system.

i have enabled WeBWorK::Debug and all i get about shib is this:

WeBWorK::dispatch: Using user_authen_module WeBWorK::Authen::Shibboleth: WeBWorK::Authen::Shibboleth=HASH(0x8939090)

but that's it. looking through the module i would have expected more ... maybe i have not set the debugging correctly.

$WW_VERSION = '2.9';

any and all help is appreciated, thx.