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Adding another webwork admin?

Adding another webwork admin?

by Kenny Freundlich -
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So far on our brand new 2.10 Webwork server, the only user with Webwork admin privileges is the 'admin' account.

How do I add another account which would also have full admin privileges in all existing courses (so far, only 4), and could also add courses, rename courses, delete courses, etc. ?

I don't remember seeing this in the documentation, but I may have missed it. Thanks....k
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Re: Adding another webwork admin?

by Alex Jordan -
You can use the Classlist Editor's Add tab to add an account. It will be created with low permission level, and so then you can use the Classlist Editor's Edit tab to change the person's permission level to admin.

If you do this in the admin course, then these users will be added to future courses as either admin or professor (I forget which). For the 4 existing courses, you'd have to go into each one at this point and add them if you want them there.