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by Dick Lane -
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Default configuration causes the WeBWorK administrator to receive a copy of each Email Instructor message.

That behavior is disabled as a side-effect of putting
    $feedback_by_section = 1;
into the course's course.conf (see http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Instructor_FAQ).

Default behavior can be restored by putting the administrator's email address into the "Additional addresses ..." box in the Email tab of the Course Configuration page.  Is that a "best practice"?

Suppose instructor A teaches sections 1 and 4 while instructor B teaches sections 2 and 3.  Will  $feedback_by_section-1;  work if the class list records "1,4" as the section entry for A and "2,3" for B?  If not, then Section.Recitation would seem to allow A.1, A.4, B.2, B.3 for the desired granularity.