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WeBWorK Problem Authoring PREP Workshop - Online - Summer 2015

WeBWorK Problem Authoring PREP Workshop - Online - Summer 2015

by John Travis -
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Registration is open for two faculty development workshops to be held during Summer 2015 through the MAA's Professional Enhancement Program (PREP).

The first one is a repeat of a very well received workshop offered the past two summers:

Davide Cervone, Gavin LaRose, Paul Pearson, and John Travis
June 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2015

This online workshop introduces participants to the technical skills necessary to identify, edit and create high-quality WeBWorK problems.  Participants new to WeBWorK will also be provided an extra workshop introducing them to WeBWorK as well.  Two sessions (about 2 hours each) will be provided on each date noted above.

The second offering is a new course aimed for potential WeBWorK system administrators:

Mike Gage, Jason Aubrey, Geoff Goehle, Danny Glin, and John Travis
July 6, 13, 14, and 20, 2015

Participants in this online workshop will cover the technical skills necessary to install and maintain a robust, reliable, and secure WeBWorK server.  In particular, participants will be walked through the steps necessary for installing WeBWorK on their own servers.  Most days will include morning and afternoon sessions.

Advance registration for these workshops is $175 (before posted deadlines) and is available at http://events.signup4.com/prep2015 .

We are looking forward to a full house for both workshops.  Previous workshops have required us to close registration so if you are interested in either then please make plans to register soon.

Questions about either workshop:  travis@mc.edu

(Please pardon this dual-posting in the Problem Authoring and System Administration Forums.)
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Re: WeBWorK Problem Authoring PREP Workshop - Online - Summer 2015

by John Travis -
REMINDER...the early registration rate for the Problem Authoring Workshop is April 27. Until then the cost is $175 and afterward it goes up to $250. If you are considering this workshop you might want to go ahead and sign up today.

The System Administration Workshop early registration deadline is a little longer away on May 25.  Same costs as above.

Again, send an email to travis@mc.edu if you have any questions.