Embed WW in web pages?

Embed WW in web pages?

by Stephen Corwin -
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I'd like to write a series of lessons as web pages and embed WW problems in them, and I don't want students to progress to the next page until they have done the problem correctly. Is there a standard way to use WW as a webservice? I've found references to such a thing, but I can't find anything clear.

I can (and, as an experiment, have) produced an effect something like what I want by injecting JS into pages to suppress buttons, add new elements, etc., but (in the absence of an API) that's much too fragile to use for anything extensive.


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Re: Embed WW in web pages?

by John Travis -
Mike Gage posted something on his blog yesterday June 16 regarding this. Check it out at http://michaelgage.blogspot.com .