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mariadb as mysql replacement on new install?

mariadb as mysql replacement on new install?

by Lars Jensen -
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Is mariadb supported as a database for webwork? 

We have been running mariadb on our test server without noticing any difference (however, the test server doesn't have a lot of traffic). Now we're getting ready to upgrade the OS on our production server, and I was wondering whether I should install mariadb in place of mysql?

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Re: mariadb as mysql replacement on new install?

by Danny Glin -
WeBWorK has very simple requirements from mySQL, so it is able to use just about any version.  I expect this to hold true for mariadb (as you've found on your test server).

Since mariadb is a fork of mySQL, I would expect similar performance, unless they made a significant change to the default configuration (like when they switched the default table engine from MyISAM to InnoDB).

I would say go ahead, and let us know your results.

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Re: mariadb as mysql replacement on new install?

by Michael Gage -

On a related note what is the latest on the relative speeds of MyISAM and InnoDB?  Moodle is forcing me to use InnoDB for its databases so I'm considering switching over the webwork courses as well. I know that InnoDB was slow initially but perhaps there have been performance improvements recently?


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Re: mariadb as mysql replacement on new install?

by Heath Loder -

I realize this is an "ancient" thread, but I've recently come across this concern as well.  I maintain several small databases amongst several servers, and WeBWork is the only software that still "requires" (per the documentation at least) MyISAM tables.  I'm trying to unify backup solutions across the servers, but having these MyISAM tables is making this difficult.

Are there any "official" updates on the performance of InnoDB vs MyISAM with respect to serving a WeBWork database?  I'm on Ubuntu Server 18.04 with MySQL Server 5.7, running WeBWork 2.13.