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Bold font is not working?

Bold font is not working?

by tim Payer -
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Hello all,

Has anyone been able to get a bold font to work?

I have not been able to and I am using the following format as pointed out on page 2 of the PGML worksheet.

{\bf This should be in bold font.}

Thanks,  Tim
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Re: Bold font is not working?

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Tim,

In PGML text, I think that *this should be bold*. The \bf macro is for TeX, which one could use in math mode (though it might be formally better to use LaTeX's \textbf). For example,

  >> [``y = 3x \quad\mbox{\textbf{or}}\quad y = 3x + 2``] <<


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Re: Bold font is not working?

by Paul Pearson -
Hi Tim,

I think two stars on each side will get you what you want:

**This is bold** and _this is italicized._

Best regards,

Paul Pearson
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Re: Bold font is not working?

by Davide Cervone -
Only one star is needed, but yes, *bold* should get you bold (outside of math mode). Gavin is correct that things like \bf and \textbf are used in TeX mathematics mode. So how you do it depends on whether you are in math or not.

It is best if you post a complete example of what you are trying to do (not just an isolated snippet as you have done), so that we can see the context in which you are working. It is also helpful to say what is happening. A phrase like "it's not working" is not very descriptive -- does this mean the text doesn't show at all? That it isn't in bold? That you get an error message instead of text?

The more detail you can give about what you expect versus what you see, the better.