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Using a knowl with a url

Using a knowl with a url

by Teri Christiansen -
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I'd like to include a knowl with a generic html file that can be used for different problems and within different problem sets.  But, I'm having trouble getting this to work.  I'm using the following code:

knowlLink('for help', url =>'http://www.missouri.edu/')

For the url, I have tried both regular websites and individual files that I have loaded into various spots in my course file manager.  Nothing seems to work.  When I use an external link (as above), the knowl expands/collapses successfully, but it only shows "loading http://www.missouri.edu" in the blue box.

Can someone help me to understand where to load the file into my course, or how to adjust the command to make this work?

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Re: Using a knowl with a url

by Michael Gage -
You need a complete path to the help file -- not just to the site.

also see http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/AnswerFormatHelp

If the help you want is not in AnswerFormatHelp then something like the following will work if you know the help file name
and it is located in the htdocs/helpFIles folder:

return knowlLink($display_text,