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PGML Problems in the Open Library

PGML Problems in the Open Library

by Daniele Arcara -
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I really like the PGML approach, and my goal (more like a dream, as it may not actually happen… :-) ) is to fully make up my own problems for my assignments, mainly to assure consistency of notation and approach.

That said, I plan to use the open library to get ideas of the type of problems that other people have done, and to see how they put that problem into a WebWork question.

So far, the vast majority of the problems I have seen are older, and use the other way of writing a WebWork question, without using PGML. Is there a way to browse the open library and only find problems that already use PGML?

Thank you!
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Re: PGML Problems in the Open Library

by Davide Cervone -
You are right, the OPL has very little with PGML at the moment. In fact, I don't think anything in the official OPL uses PGML. There are two collections in the contributed (and not yet official) collections that do use PGML extensively. These are the ones from Portland Community College (PCC) and the other from Montana State, though only 27 of those do.

The other collection of PGML problems is in the Subject Area Templates in the WeBWorK wiki. Paul has translated many of them to PGML, and there is a link to the PGML versions at the top of the page (the content of the wiki pages haven't been changed yet, but the PGML versions are available). His versions are in the problem library, but have been added only recently, and I don't think they're in the copy of the library in the PREP2015 course. You would need a very recent version of the library to get them. But they are available as PG source files that you can look at.
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Re: PGML Problems in the Open Library

by Paul Pearson -
Hi Daniele,

In the 2015 PREP Problem Authoring webwork course I have created two new subdirectories of the course/templates directory (where the File Manager opens by default) that have collections of PGML examples that come directly from the Open Problem Library and its Contrib directory:
  • PCC/
  • FortLewis/Authoring/Templates
When logged in to the 2015 PREP Problem Authoring webwork course, you can view these collections of problems in the Library Browser by pressing the Local Problems button and choosing a subdirectory of the directories listed above and then pressing View Problems.  The PGML files in subdirectories of FortLewis have file names that end with

Best regards,

Paul Pearon
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Re: PGML Problems in the Open Library

by Davide Cervone -
Thanks for moving the files, Paul.

I've linked them into the library browser as problem libraries, so you can now get to these through the named buttons that appear just below the "Local Problems" button. This should make it a bit easier to get to them (and make the Local Problems menu less cumbersome).