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Undefined Subroutine error in Library problems

Undefined Subroutine error in Library problems

by tim Payer -
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I have a Undefined Subroutine error in four Library problem I had added to my homework set list just few days ago. I am assuming that I did not save the problems correctly?

Here is the code for this problem that was working previously.

When i look up the particular address from the (270 Library) the problem reads in pink letters:

This problem produced an error.

1.)  Is it because that this is a very old problem?
It was working fine a few days ago.

# This file is just a pointer to the file
# "Library/maCalcDB/setDerivatives20Antideriv/"
# You may want to change your problem set to use that problem
# directly, especially if you want to make a copy of the problem
# for modification.


## These tags keep this problem from being added to the NPL database
## DBsubject('ZZZ-Inserted Text')
## DBchapter('ZZZ-Inserted Text')
## DBsection('ZZZ-Inserted Text')

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Re: Undefined Subroutine error in Library problems

by Davide Cervone -
The problem works for me. I don't see it in your Payer-Homework1 set. Do you have a different problem set in mind? Can you be more specific about the error message and where you have linked the problem? Also, for a problem in the OPL, it is best to give the full path name of the file, not the contents of the file so that we can locate it more easily.