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Hints - how are they controlled?

Hints - how are they controlled?

by Ken Levasseur -
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I'm trying to expand the hints in some of the problems I'm using and it isn't clear to me how you control when they appear.

In the wiki I find Hints are shown after a certain number of tries, and solutions are shown after the answers available date."

What is the default "certain number" and how is an alternate number specified?

Ken Levasseur
UMass Lowell
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Re: Hints - how are they controlled?

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Ken,

If in the .pg code for the problem you set
$showHint = 3;
the checkbox for the hint will show up after the student has submitted 3 attempts. The default is $showHint = 1;

In general I find a good way to search for specific information on the webwork.maa.org site is to use Google's advanced search and restrict the domain to webwork.maa.org. For example searching for "HINT site:webwork.maa.org" will bring up links to the above info and a lot more.