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Failed to Archive Course Directory

Failed to Archive Course Directory

by Michele Titcombe -
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Can anyone help me with this error?

I tried, unsuccessfully, two ways to archive a course:
1) through the admin course
2) through file manager as a professor in the course itself.
Both ways failed with the error:

An error occured while archiving the course testcourse101:

Failed to archive course directory '/opt/webwork/courses/testcourse101' with command '2>&1 /bin/tar -C /opt/webwork/courses/testcourse101/.. -czf '/opt/webwork/courses/ 02b3c920-2d65-11e5-a34e-f36c32199daf_testcourse101.tar.gz' testcourse101' (exit=72057594037927935 signal=127 core=128): at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator/ line 1858.

plus a whole list of warning messages that began with:

Warning messages

  • Use of uninitialized value $dump_out in concatenation (.) or string at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/DB/Schema/NewSQL/ line 233.
  • Warning: Failed to dump table 'testcourse101_key' with command '2>&1 /usr/bin/mysqldump --defaults-file=/tmp/tZYRISziXn webwork testcourse101_key > /opt/webwork/courses/testcourse101/DATA/mysqldump/key.sql' (exit=72057594037927935 signal=127 core=128):
  • This can be expected if the course was created with an earlier version of WeBWorK. at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/DB/Schema/NewSQL/ line 234.

I also tried Upgrade Course before doing the archive but that didn't help.

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Re: Failed to Archive Course Directory

by Danny Glin -
Since it looks like several things are failing, I suspect that this may be a permissions issue.  Have you checked to make sure that apache can write to the courses directory, and also to the directory for the individual course?
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Re: Failed to Archive Course Directory

by Michele Titcombe -
Hi Danny,

During Monday's workshop, Jason suggested the following:

@Michele - it can't hurt to try resetting the file system permissions and seeing what happens. So from /opt/webwork/webwork2 do:
sudo chgrp -R wwdata DATA ../courses htdocs/tmp htdocs/applets logs tmp

sudo chmod -R g+w DATA ../courses htdocs/tmp htdocs/applets logs tmp

sudo find DATA/ ../courses/ htdocs/tmp logs/ tmp/ -type d -a -exec chmod g+s {} \;

That didn't fix the problem, so then Jason suggested to try next:

@Michele - alright, next place to look is the apache error log - sometimes it has more information, or sometimes less but it can paint a fuller picture. So, ahve a look in /var/log/apache2/error.log
for errors related to this and plz let me know what you find.

I tried, but something weird is going on with my server. I cannot do basic commands. Even an 'ls' will give me an error something like 'bash fork Cannot allocate memory'. So, this failure to archive a directory could be the result of something else?