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Utah problems added to National Problem Library

Utah problems added to National Problem Library

by Arnold Pizer -
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A collection of over 2200 problem from the University of Utah have been added to the National Problem Library. These problems come form the following courses at Utah:

If you set up the problem library following the directions in e.g. http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Installation_Manual_for_2.4_on_Ubuntu_8.04 (which has now been updated to use the National Problem Library) and you have a current version a global.conf which has the lines

$courseFiles{problibs} = {
Library => "NPL Directory",

(or you add the Library line to your global.conf)
then when you use the Library Browser, you will see a "NPL Directory" button and if you press that you will see a list of directories one of which will be Utah and all the above courses and pg files will be under that. So people can pretty much just copy the Utah courses. Of course people can also find the Utah problems by topic or textbook under the National Problem Library button (which is the default).

Many thanks to Peter Alfeld, Andrejs Treibergs, Hsiang-Ping Huang and others at Utah for authoring these problems and contributing them to the National Problem Library.