Webwork Moodle Bridge Error

Webwork Moodle Bridge Error

by Benjamin Walter -
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I have recently created a bridge between moodle and webwork following the instructions on

I can create the 'webwork-link' block connecting to a course and 'webwork problem set' resources linking to assignments inside of moodle classes.  But whenever I try to actually view an assignment from inside of moodle, I get an error:

Error messages

cookieUser = admin and paramUser = moodle-test are different. at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/ line 317.

I've tried creating different users to test (above error came from user 'moodle-test') but cookieUser is always set to 'admin'.  Any ideas about what is wrong?
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Re: Webwork Moodle Bridge Error

by Benjamin Walter -

In case anyone else is ever bothered by this error.... this is what happens when you are logged into webwork in one tab and simultaneously log into moodle as a different user in another tab and try to access a webwork problem set from moodle as that user. 

Messed up cookies ensue.