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Tagging Keywords

Tagging Keywords

by Christopher Turner -
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We have authored a series of problems at our school that we want to share with all our instructors. We have figured out how to create a button in the Library Browser, and how to tag the problems so that they are findable in the OPL drop-down search (DBChapter, DBSubject, DBSection).

What we would like to do is have our problems findable by course code. We were thinking that having an instructor type in a course code (eg. 201-NYA) into the Keyword search would bring up all the problems that we had tagged with that code.

But this doesn't work. From what I now understand, there is a list of keywords (http://hobbes.la.asu.edu/Holt/keywords.html) currently maintained, that only those keywords are searchable, and that we as authors cannot add new words to this list.

All of this to get down to my questions:

**1) Where is this keywords list maintained? For example, is it in some conf file that a system administrator could add our course codes to be searchable?

**2) If there is no way of adding keywords, does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to group problems together (other than the obvious of putting them in the same directory - we would rather not do that, as the same problem can serve for more than one course and we don't want to maintain multiple versions of a problem.)

Thanks for reading this novella. --Christopher