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Students can't log on but are registered in course?

Re: Students can't log on but are registered in course?

by Danny Glin -
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A couple of suggestions:
  1. The login.log file keeps a record of all login attempts, and may provide some information as to why the logins are failing.  You can access it from the File Manager within WeBWorK by clicking the "^" button at the top, then double-clicking on "logs/" and then double-clicking on login.log.  If the message says something like "Authentication Failed ...", then it is likely that the system is not recognizing the username and password.
  2. How did you enter the students?  If it was from a text file (.lst), then the issue that usually gets me is that the last column needs to contain the encrypted password, rather than the plain text password.  If you want the password to be the student's ID number, then leave this last column blank, and WeBWorK will set the starting password to be the ID number.  As far as I know there is currently no way to set a default plain text password for each student using the Import Students tool other than to leave the password field blank, in which case whatever is in the student ID field will become the password.
Hope this helps!