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webwork notifications

by Gavin LaRose -
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Hi all,

A student wondered if it was possible to set e-mail notifications in WeBWorK (e.g., so that students would get notice of impending deadlines). I'm not sure it's something I'll add, but thought it would be worth posting here in case others had feedback. If this already exists or is in gestation, someone can say "why yes, it is!"

Parenthetically, I can think of two ways to do something like this:
1. have a stand-alone script that runs out of cron on the server and checks deadlines and whether students have opted in to notifications and sends notices accordingly; or
2. have a hook in WeBWorK that checks to see if it's time to do such a check and, if so and the process hasn't yet been started, forks off a script like the stand-alone script to take care of notifications.

For what it's worth,