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Randomizing problem selection

Randomizing problem selection

by Andrew Knightly -
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Today a colleague asked me whether webwork can assign problems randomly for a diagnostic test.  She envisions having a designated bank of problems from which problem 1 will be drawn at random, and a bank for problem 2, etc., with different students most likely getting entirely different problems.
Is anything like this possible?  I tried searching the forums and found this relevant discussion from 2002:

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Re: Randomizing problem selection

by Edwin Flórez -
Hello, I read in some place that if you create sets with the problems that you want be random in a exam or quiz. And next you create another set where the problems will be the sets for each question. 

You don't have to assign the first sets to the students, just the diagnostic test.

Let me see if I can find where I read that.

Edwin F.