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Border in init_graph

Border in init_graph

by Edwin Flórez -
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Hello WeBWorkers,

Is there any special reason "init_graph" in PGgraphmacros.pl put a border to all dynamic images?  If not, how can I remove it?.

Edwin F.
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Re: Border in init_graph

by Dick Lane -
Lines 486-487 of .../pg/lib/WWPlot.pm seem relevant.

# Put a black frame around the picture

If I comment-out the executable line and restart my server, a dynamically-generated image is shown without a black frame (similar to standard display of a static image).

Question 1: is this line in WWPlot.pm the sole control for display of a frame for a dynamic image?

Question 2: Is there an undocumented option [? to what ?] which toggles display of a frame?

Question 3:  If there is not a current option to toggle display of a frame, would it be backward-compatible to introduce such an option for v2.11.1?
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Re: Border in init_graph

by Edwin Flórez -
Thanks, you got it. I guess they made in that way because some graphs looks weird in problems like: 


and is better to highlight the image.