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WeBWorK Welcome Page

by christelle scharff -
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What are the files that need to be changed to have a more customized WeBWorK welcome page with the Admin Page link and the list of courses - that is generated automatically? I assume that there is a perl script that does it and was also wondering how this script works.


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Re: WeBWorK Welcome Page

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Christelle,

I think the appearance of the welcome page is determined by the global theme and template as set in the global.conf file. You can make certain courses not appear in the course listing (e.g., I do this for a number of template courses and the admin course) by creating a file in the course directory called hide_directory. I do this by creating a zero length file there by running the command touch hide_directory after moving to the directory.

What actually appears on the course listing page is controlled by the Home ContentGenerator in the WeBWorK code.

I'm not sure if that answers your question, but it does come close to exhausting my knowledge on the subject.

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Re: WeBWorK Welcome Page

by christelle scharff -
Thanks for the help.

The WeBWorK logo is in htdocs/images.

The general organization of the welcome page (logo, menu, header, footer) is available in:

The list of courses is generated in the script in:

I modified that script to print the courses in a particular way.