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Loading Prototype library kills CSS

Loading Prototype library kills CSS

by Stephen Corwin -
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I'm porting some stuff from WW2.2 to a new WW2.9 installation, and I ran into an odd behavior. My problems display nicely, with big blue "Previous" and "Next" buttons, etc. I can include my own CSS with no trouble. But if I include the Prototype library, a whole bunch of style disappears. I've attached an image with two screenshots; the only difference in the code, I promise, is the HEADER_TEXT() line shown above the second screenshot.

As a bit of extra fun, if I include custom CSS with HEADER_TEXT(), the custom CSS sticks around if Prototype is loaded, but the WW CSS disappears.

Finally, Prototype loads fine and does its thing, so it's not a bug there.

Any idea what I can do about this (other than style everything myself, of course)?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Loading Prototype library kills CSS

by Stephen Corwin -
Now just a bug report; it was no problem to just style everything myself.