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WeBWorK as Exam Bank

WeBWorK as Exam Bank

by Danny Glin -
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We are looking into creating an online bank of written exam/assignment questions, and I'm looking to leverage some features of WeBWorK to do this.  In particular, the ability to have algorithmically generated questions rendered in LaTeX, and also the existing functionality for searching for questions and building an assignment.

I'm aware of the recent work by Geoff Goehle to allow different hardcopy themes, which is a step toward printing written exams directly from WeBWorK.

Is anyone else using WeBWorK to generate written exams and/or worksheets?  Would anyone be interested in collaborating on building this functionality?

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Re: WeBWorK as Exam Bank

by Michele Titcombe -
I am not using WeBWorK to generate written exams/worksheets, but I am very interested in the idea. I would be interested in collaboration.