Immediate difficulties upgrading to 2.11

Immediate difficulties upgrading to 2.11

by Alasdair McAndrew -
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Clearly I'm missing something here; however when following the upgrade instructions at

the command:
git pull origin master
led to an error:
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.

I have no ideas what's going on any advice would be very helpful! Are there step-by-step instructions for git-idiots (gidiots?) like me?


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Re: Immediate difficulties upgrading to 2.11

by Davide Cervone -
The error message indicates that you or someone else has edited the conf/site.conf.dist file. You can use
git diff
to see what the changes actually are. You should not be editing this file, however, as the recommended approach is to make a copy of this file as site.conf and edit that. That prevents this kind of problem when upgrading.

One way to proceed for now would be to use

git stash
git pull origin master
git stash pop
to save the changes in a special place, but remove them from your active files, then do the upgrade, then try to reapply the changes. You can leave off the last step if you just want a fresh copy of the distribution without your changes (that may depend on what you see when you do the git diff).

There is no guarantee that the git stash pop will succeed, but it probably will. If not, you will get a merge conflict warning, and will have to edit the file by hand to remove the conflict.

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Re: Immediate difficulties upgrading to 2.11

by Andras Balogh -

Similar thing happens to me when I correct a bug in a library problem, but then git complains about it when I also want to pull a new, corrected library.

Some files you are not supposed to change by hand.
conf/site.conf.dist is one of those
(You are supposed to copy it to site.conf and change that one)
Maybe you accidentally changed it?

If this is the case, you should be able to find the original file on github through a browser, and copy it buy hand to the one you modified, or if you have a copy of the original (for example site.conf.dist~ ) move that over to the modified one.

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Re: Immediate difficulties upgrading to 2.11

by Alasdair McAndrew -
Many thanks: all I had to do in my case was to put "America/New_York" back in site.conf.dist as the timezone (which I'd edited out by mistake), and the rest of the pull went smoothly.

Now I'm modifying configuration files. However, I'm confused as to which of the apache confiuration files I should modify. The recent pull has produced:


and my original configuration files included


of which I'm assuming that it's the last to be modified: that is, copy the new webwork.apache2.4-config.dist to webwork.apache2.4-config and make changes there. Or do I copy webwork.apache2.4-config.dist to webwork.apache2-config or webwork.apache-config? In other words, what is the name of the apache2 config file webwork expects to use?
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Re: Immediate difficulties upgrading to 2.11

by Andras Balogh -
It depends on what version of apache (httpd) your server is running.
(for example on redhat check using "rpm -q httpd" )
webwork.apache-config.dist is for apache/httpd version 1.x
webwork.apache2-config.dist is for apache/httpd version 2.x with x<4
webwork.apache2.4-config.dist is for apache/httpd version 2.4

The correct one should be copied into the file with name without ".dist"
It is nice to follow the correct naming of the files, although ultimately it should not matter, because you have to create a link to it from the /etc/httpd/conf.d directory, for example
webwork.conf -> /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf/webwork.apache2-config