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Reading structure of student answers

Reading structure of student answers

by Curtis Fenner -
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I am working on a project to use WeBWorK to do simple automatic proof-checking. (A non-WeBWorK demo in JavaScript is hereĀ http://curtisfenner.github.io/Proof-Drilling/ )

The general strategy is to
  1. read student input as statements
  2. parse statements, compare structure of statements against axioms
  3. respond with success / errors
I have several troubles getting this to work in WeBWorK, so if someone could point me to examples that solve these problems, that would be great!

  • In an answer-checker, is it possible to read the structure of a student answer, instead of just evaluating it?
    • The Formula MathObject looks promising, but I could not figure out how to make, e.g., MultiAnswer give me the student answer as Formulas.
  • How do I add custom operators?
    • I had only very limited success when trying different examples on the Wiki. Are there full examples of completely new operators being added to a context?
Thank you!