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multisection course

multisection course

by Siman Wong -
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Our department is looking into using MAA's fee-based hosting for a multisection course. The course has six sections and they share the same homework + due date. We need to keep separate the grades of different sections, both during the semester (to keep track of students progress) and at the end of the semester (to export the grades -- the sections are taught by different instructors). Questions:

1) We can get a csv file of the roster of each section. How do we enter these rosters into WW so they don't mix up? What should the format of the csv files be? (we used to run WW v2.7 and we know that the format has changed since then)

2) When instructors of individual sections log into WW, would they be able to view the grades of all students or just the ones in their own section?

3) How do we setup the "email instructors" button so students will email the instructor of their own section?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: multisection course

by Arnold Pizer -
Refering to your questions above:

1)  I do not think the classlist format has changed. Look at the 
Example classlist at http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Classlist_Files.  In your csv file(s), just make sure to enter the proper section for students in the proper column.

2)  Instructors in the course will be able to see grades for all students.  

3)  Under "Course Configuration", select "E-Mail" and set "Feedback by Section" to true.  By default, email is sent to everyone with TA or higher permission (you can change that).  Just make sure in the classlist displayed on the web that TA's and/or instructors are assigned to their own section.

Hope this helps,