Email issue

Email issue

by John Williams -
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I just followed the instructions for installing Webwork.  Everything is working except for emailing he instructor.  When a student attempts to email instructor the attached error pops up.  Even though the error pops up, the email does go through and looks right.  I checked to make sure I was using the latest Mail:Sender using the module checker and it appears I am.  I went into the site.config file.  I tried making $mail{smtpSender} =, and even my own email address.  It does not seem to make a difference.  

Using email to email the entire class does not cause the error.

Any help would be appreciated.  I want students to use email and I don't want them to have any excuses.


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Re: Email issue

by Sarunas Burdulis -
We started seeing this recently, but not sure if it coincided with the upgrade to Ubumtu 16.04.

I noticed that somehow we ended up with way too many modules from CPAN installed. After removing all Perl modules from CPAN (move /usr/local/share/perl/ away) and reinstalling only what is suggested in Installation Manual, it turned out that Mail::Sender from 16.04 doesn't work ( complains and Apache won't start). Installing Mail::Sender from CPAN fixed the problem: Apache2 loads webwork.conf just fine and there is no warning while sending email to instructors.

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Re: Email issue

by John Williams -
This is the solution.  check_module was not throwing an error but I updated Mail::Sender using CPAN anyway.  All is working now.

Thanks to Sarunas and Arnie.