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TA permissions

TA permissions

by Joel Trussell -
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We want our TAs to answer questions that are sent via the "email the instructor" button. I thought the TA had this capability. The TAs got an error message say they could not act as another user. Did I misinterpret the permission tasks that TA could do or did some thing get reset in our system? We can always give the TA Professor permission, which we have done sometimes in the past.
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Re: TA permissions

by Danny Glin -
By default TAs are not allowed to act as another user. This can be changed by adding the following line to your localOverrides.conf file (or course.conf if you only want to change it for a single course):

$permissionLevels{become_student} = 'ta';

This is something that I thought would be a desirable default behaviour. I'm curious if there is a reason why it is not. If not, then should the default be changed in the next version?