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Quiz setting issue

Quiz setting issue

by Carl Yao -
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I need help with importing quizzes.

In my class, I allow my students to take each quiz twice. Before a student click "Check Test" to submit the quiz, the student can check "Show correct answers" and "Show Solutions" (at the end of the quiz) to review mistakes, before trying a second time.

I did go to Course Configuration, Permission and changed the default settings in "Allowed to see the correct answers before the answer date" and "Allowed to see solutions before the answer date" from TA to students.

This has been working fine in the past few years, until recently. When I import a quiz from an earlier course, when a student takes a quiz, the check boxes of "Show correct answers" and "Show Solutions" are gone at the end of a quiz.

If I delete the quiz, recreate one from scratch in Homework Sets Editor, students can see those two check boxes!

More weirdly, if I export the new quiz which works fine, delete the quiz, and then import the quiz from the freshly created definition file (attached), those two options are gone again!

Can anyone help me with this puzzle? I don't want to re-create each quiz in each new course. It would be great if I can import quizzes from past courses.

Thank you!

Carl Yao
Portland Community College
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Re: Quiz setting issue

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Carl,

Sorry; I missed this earlier. In WeBWorK 2.12, I think there is an issue with importing gateway sets from definition files that results in one of the fields in the database being set to Null instead of being properly initialized. A work-around is to edit the quiz, changing the setting for "show scores on finished assignments" and then changing it back to what you want.