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Syntax help link for matrices

Syntax help link for matrices

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
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There are a number of problems in the Linear Algebra section of the Open Problem Library, (e.g. /Library/Hope/Multi1/02-01-Matrix-operations/Matrix_mult_03.pg) that have a "help (syntax)" link attached.

Unfortunately, when you click on this, the window that opens is the basic syntax window (constants that WeBWorK understands, etc.) I've had a lot of confused students spending time searching through that page to no avail.

In the code of these problems, this syntax help link is being generated by the following: AnswerFormatHelp('matrices')

So the problem authors have attempted to send students to the right place, but presumably this help section is deprecated?

I started my students out with the exercise that walks them through all of the syntax, but of course by the next homework set they've forgotten that they already know how to enter a matrix.

Is there a way to correctly link to a help page for matrix syntax? Does one even exist? (I couldn't find one.)

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Re: Syntax help link for matrices

by Paul Pearson -
Hi Sean,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  This was simply an oversight on my part.  I wrote the pg problems under a time crunch and forgot to update the AnswerFormatHelp.pl file.  I have updated the AnswerFormatHelp.pl file on github.com to include help for entering matrices.  You can get this file working in all of your courses by updating your WebWork Open Problem Library from github.  Alternatively, you could update a single course by copying the contents of the AnswerFormatHelp.pl file at


into your course's macros directory via the File Manager.  (That is, log in to your WebWork course, click File Manager, double click the macros directory, click New File, enter the file name AnswerFormatHelp.pl, paste the contents of the file from github into the window, and click the Save button.)

Best regards,

Paul Pearson
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Re: Syntax help link for matrices

by Sean Fitzpatrick -
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick reply, and for the quick resolution! I'll run an OPL update on our server as soon as I get a chance.

Best, Sean