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Copyright Questions

Copyright Questions

by Jason Waskiewicz -
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I've been using WeBWork a little bit mostly as a source of review and practice problems. I'd like to try my hand at composing a few problems from my textbook.

My question is about copyright. Can I actually post questions from a textbook? The only discussion I found on the issue was this:


and it wasn't helpful.

The textbook I used is Gilbert Strang's Calculus.

This same question will come up later when I introduce WeBWork in my Physics and Chemistry classes, so I'd love to know about copyright.
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Re: Copyright Questions

by Lars Jensen -
Hi Jason,

If you change few words in the problem, it is no longer the same problem, and therefore no longer copyrighted.

Another option is to contact the publisher of the book and ask for their permission to code the problems. You might even ask if they will pay you to code the problems ;-)

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Re: Copyright Questions

by Darwyn Cook -
Strang's book is available from the MIT opensource library. As long as you are not profiting from it you should be fine. At AU I have linked to the chapters of this book through webwork; I have been meaning to post on how I did it but time has not been my friend.