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WebworkClient.pm Errors

WebworkClient.pm Errors

by Frank Cavadi -
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when a user was setting up the courses in webwork. When they try to access problems from the Library Browser, they receive the following error:

WebworkClient Errors


404 Not Found at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WebworkClient.pm line 293.

End Errors

Could this be if in /opt/webwork/webwork2/site.conf, for $server_root_url I did Not have the https: URL, but rather the http: one? We redirect http: to https:
per webwork.

So, http://webwork.<school>.edu gets redirected to url

I wonder if due to redirect, the perl module is building URL as:
https:/webwork.<school>.edu/webwork2/webwork2 ?
Which, of course, is wrong.

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Re: WebworkClient.pm Errors

by Michael Gage -
Yes. That could cause a problem. The library uses AJAX commands which call back to the server to have each problem in the list rendered. The javaScript for the ajax process uses the $server_root_url to determine the url address.

You can check to make sure that the module WebworkClient.pm is in
the appropriate place described -- but I strongly suspect it is there and
the javaScript just can't connect to the server.

-- Mike

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Re: WebworkClient.pm Errors

by Frank Cavadi -
I changed $server_root_url to reflect the https: address without /webwork2 on the end of it. I will have to get the user to test it tomorrow as I an not an
expert on how to use WeBBWorkK app.

We have not yet setup LTI Authentication to Canvas. Could that be part of
the WebWorkClient issue?

I did create admins via ClassEdit and those admin users have created 3 classes. They indicated that professors will be initially be created manually in WeBWorKs and not pulled via LTI auth to Canvas.