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authentication mix ups

authentication mix ups

by Andras Balogh -
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This is more of a suggestion, and advice instead of a question.

I struggled for months to get LTI authentication working with Blackboard, and while one part of a problem was of course not reading the documentation, another large part was the way the comment lines are written/not written in localOverrides.conf and the authen_xxx.conf files.

After I edited the authen_LTI.conf and authen_ldap.conf files
and in the file localOverrides.conf I uncommented the lines
no comments suggest why authentication would not work.

The listing of the lines include("conf/authen_LTI.conf"); and include("conf/authen_ldap.conf"); one after the other suggests that they are adding on top of each other, but actually the second one is overwriting the
$authen{user_module} setting of the first one.

The LTI authentication works perfectly only after adding a new setting in the localOverrides.conf file to specify the order of authentication, for example:
$authen{user_module} = [
{ "*" => "WeBWorK::Authen::LTIAdvanced", }, #preferred authorization method
{ "*" => "WeBWorK::Authen::LDAP",}, #fallback authorization method 1
{ "*" => "WeBWorK::Authen::Basic_TheLastOption",} #fallback authorization method 2

Nothing mentions this last step in the comment lines of localOverrides.conf but it would be extremely useful.