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Questions about keywords in OPL problems and incluePGproblem

Questions about keywords in OPL problems and incluePGproblem

by Keith Jones -
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I have a few questions about keywords in OPL problems, and using includePGproblem. I have attempted to get clarifications from the existing documentation, but if I have missed anything obvious, I apologize and I'd be happy to be referred to the relevant document(s).

1. I know there is a list of currently in-use keywords. Is this a decided-upon list restricting what keywords are available for problems submitted to the OPL, or are authors free to choose keywords following the "no comma or quotation marks" rule, or is there a middle ground established by the curation process?

2. I am wondering if it is possible to request that certain problems have keywords added to them. For example the problem


and others in its set, have no keywords, so that searching for any keyword along the lines of "Venn Diagrams" provides 0 results. It would be very nice if this and others had a few relevant keywords.

Similarly, a colleague of mine has found a number of problems, such as those perhaps about inductive reasoning, that are categorized as "Middle School" which typically show up in in "Critical Thinking" chapters of "Math 101"-type courses -- we call ours "Math for the Liberal Arts", but our "Math Concepts" which is for elementary ed teachers, also has this content. It would be nice to be able to find this content through search.

Is there an established process for requesting addition of keywords to existing problems in the OPL, or should a person just use github to make desired changes and issue a pull request?

3. Finally, this is only tangentially related to keywords. I've noticed that the includePGproblem function allows one to refer to another problem, "whole-cloth". Mainly, I am wondering about the intended use of this function, in particular as it relates to the OPL. For example, while I am in the process of authoring new problems, I might find there is an existing problem which would fit well in this set. I might then use includePGproblem to include the existing problem in the set, perhaps also adding some keyword metadata to improve searching. Would a set that included problems in this way be accepted into the OPL? My ultimate goal is to have new problem sets included in the OPL, so I would like to avoid doing things that will ultimately make that more difficult.

Thank you for any feedback.