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mark as correct changes grades but passback doesn't update

mark as correct changes grades but passback doesn't update

by Sara Nagreen -
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We have a Webwork assignment that uses LTI to connect to Canvas for grade passback. Students log in through Canvas, and go to Webwork, do their homework and hit submit. Their grades appear in the gradebook.

This time, after the homework had closed in Webwork, the instructor decided one of the questions was out of scope. She marked it as correct. This changed a few people's grade, but the grades changed in Webwork, NOT in Canvas.

I've tried the following....

* changing the open dates in Webwork
* changing the open dates in Canvas
* going through the homework assignment as one of the affected students
* changing the LTIMassUpdateInterval to 3600 (1 hour) to see if it will autoupdate
* logging in as a test user in Canvas, and doing the homework myself, to see if the grades passback. (They do.)

I'm stumped.

We are using it in LTIGradeMode = "homework" and LTIGradeOnSubmit = 1;
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Re: mark as correct changes grades but passback doesn't update

by Danny Glin -
Some of this is expected behaviour. With LTIGradeOnSubmit set to 1, the grade in Canvas is updated every time a student submits an answer. When the instructor changes a grade, there is no submission, so I wouldn't expect the grade change to be immediately reflected in Canvas.

On the other hand, setting the LTIMassUpdateInterval should cause the grades to be updated after the interval passes, though there have been numerous reports of this not working properly. Check your apache error logs to see if there are any errors showing up with the mass update (I believe that's where they get logged. Someone can correct me if that is not the case).

If the mass update is failing, then the only other way for the grades to get updated in Canvas would be to reopen the assignment, and have everyone submit another answer.