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Linebreaks in long math environments (especially in two column LaTeX output)

Linebreaks in long math environments (especially in two column LaTeX output)

by F. Heiderich -
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I have trouble with long math environments that are dynamically generated, especially in the two column LaTeX hardcopy output. In a special case I want to output a list of natural numbers that does not fit into one column, like

\[ \{ 4,14,14,6,9,28,7,29,4,3,10,30,3,37,79,,9,6,15,25,35,4,47,6 \} \]

This does not display properly in the two column mode in LaTeX. The problem is that the list is dynamically generated and therefore I do not know a priori how long it will be. So it would not be easy to break it manually into separate lines.

One way to address this problem is to use environments from the breqn package, for instance as follows:

\{ 4,\allowbreak 14,\allowbreak 14,\allowbreak 6,\allowbreak 9,\allowbreak 28,\allowbreak 7,\allowbreak 29,\allowbreak 4,\allowbreak 3,\al
owbreak 10,\allowbreak 30,\allowbreak 3,\allowbreak 37,\allowbreak 79,\allowbreak ,\allowbreak 9,\allowbreak 6,\allowbreak 15,\allowbreak
5,\allowbreak 35,\allowbreak 4,\allowbreak 47,\allowbreak 6 \}

I would guess that this kind of problem may occur quite often in the LaTeX hardcopy output. Therefore I thought of a general possibility to address it.

The documentation of the breqn package contains a lot of warnings. So I am not sure whether it would be a good idea to use breqn in general.

Was this kind of problem discussed earlier? If so, how was it addressed?