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Setting type of math object

Setting type of math object

by John Jones -
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I am trying to improve a webwork problem. The original names some vectors by letters, and then asks things like: give all pairs which are perpendicular. So, the student answer looks like "(a,b), (b,d)", which is coded as a list of lists of strings.

If the student enters the wrong number of pairs, they get "There should be more list of stringss in your list", which is wrong, and a bit confusing. In creating the inner lists, e.g., (b,d), I would want to define their short_type to be simply "pair". Then the error message would come out ok, and be easier for students to understand.

Is there a way to set that?


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Re: Setting type of math object

by Davide Cervone -
You want to set entry_type not short_type (short_type is the short name for the list as a whole).

So if your list is $L, try