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Enable reduced scoring on all assignments at once

Enable reduced scoring on all assignments at once

by Karl-Dieter Crisman -
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Mike G. kindly created an account for me, so here (after years of using WW) comes my first question! (Not really, but my first one here.)

In the Hmwk Sets Editor, one can edit sets and click zillions of little buttons to enable reduced scoring (I have already set it in the configuration page). There does not appear to be a way to do this all at once. (Perhaps this is something that can be done at the time of importing the problems, but I didn't see it.)
So I tediously click all of them. Yes, it takes less time than writing this post does; it's still tedious. There should be a "click all" button at the very top of the column. I note there isn't one of these for "Visible" either, but those are pre-clicked for you.

The only question I can see that even remotely is relevant is this:
But it isn't really either. Yes, I'm using a slightly older WW; no, we won't be upgrading (at least not until the summer), at which time I hope not to have to ask questions about LTI integration because the documentation will be so awesome.

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