loading times out, no pics

loading times out, no pics

by J D'Ambroise -
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We have webwork up and running. Students have completed their first homework.
I am completely new to running the backend of webwork. We have a dedicated server.
I have 20 students and I am the only one using webwork on my campus.

We have a few loading issues. Sometimes the whole page will not load -- there is no error, just times out. Then 10 mins later it seems to work if you wait long enough and keep trying.

Today I have the separate issue of the page loading but *pictures* not loading. This was happening on 3 different devices at once so I am sure it is not one individual computer. We also tested it on 3 different connections.

The pdf generator to print sets is also not working. Pressing the button times out... will not load. No error .... just times out.

Thanks for any possible help! I am a complete newbie.
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Re: loading times out, no pics

by Arnold Pizer -

It's very strange that any server would not be able to handle the load from 20 students unless possibly you are using WeBWorK in class and all students are accessing it simultaneously. That being said have you looked at e.g. http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Installation_Manual_for_2.13_on_Ubuntu_16.04#Configuring_Apache
(especially MaxRequestWorkers and MaxConnectionsPerChild) and set up Apache accordingly. That would be the first thing I would check.

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Re: loading times out, no pics

by J D'Ambroise -
I have a possible lead:

If you click on an image, in the url once you remove the :8443 from the url you are then able to view the image. The error might lie in the webwork config.

Now I am trying to figure out what to change in the webwork config.
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Re: loading times out, no pics

by J D'Ambroise -
Dynamically generated pics, static pics, math equations and hard copy are all not working.

The pdf generator is as far as I can tell not even invoking tex. It gives "This site cannot be reached; webworks.oldwesbury.edu refused to connect; Try checking the connection or checking the proxy and the firewall"
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Re: loading times out, no pics

by Danny Glin -
It looks like there is a typo in your URL. It's trying to connect to webworks.oldwesbury.edu, which appears to be missing a t (westbury instead of wesbury).

I would check /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf/site.conf to see if that typo shows up in the file.

Regarding the :8443, similar advice: see if anything in the config file refers to port 8443, and then remove it.
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Re: loading times out, no pics

by J D'Ambroise -
apologies.... i manually typed that, my typo for the "t".

I looked through site.conf but don't see any reference to 8443

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Re: loading times out, no pics

by J D'Ambroise -

Thanks to Dan An and Arnold Pizer, the problem has been fixed.

I did the following, and then deleted all instances of :8443 in the localOverrides.conf file
$ cd /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf 
$ nano localOverrides.conf
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Re: loading times out, no pics

by Mark Schmitt -
I've started having troubles with my server displaying static images as well. I'm using problems from the OPL, and all that have static images give me the following error:

WeBWorK Warnings

WeBWorK has encountered warnings while processing your request. If this occured when viewing a problem, it was likely caused by an error or ambiguity in that problem. Otherwise, it may indicate a problem with the WeBWorK system itself. If you are a student, report these warnings to your professor to have them corrected. If you are a professor, please consult the warning output below for more information.

Warning messages

  • ERROR in old_safe_ev, PGbasicmacros.pl: <PRE>
  • ## There is an error occuring inside evaluation brackets \{ ...code... \}
  • ## somewhere in an EV2 or EV3 or BEGIN_TEXT block.
  • ## Code evaluated:
  • ## image("p13.gif", height => 400, width => 400);
  • ##Timeout after processing this problem for 60 seconds. Check for infinite loops in problem source.
  • ##</PRE><BR/>
  • at line 1790 of [PG]/macros/PGbasicmacros.pl

Request information

Time Sun Mar 04 12:55:54 2018
Method GET
URI /webwork2/HonPrecal_2017/HW8-Chapter10/2/

I'm running:

WeBWorK © 1996-2015 | theme: math4 | ww_version: 2.10 | pg_version: 2.10| The WeBWorK Project

Everything else seems just fine.

Incidentally, the problem was Library/Utah/Intermediate_Algebra/set12_Conics/s12p13/s12p13.pg