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Re: loading times out, no pics

by Mark Schmitt -
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I've started having troubles with my server displaying static images as well. I'm using problems from the OPL, and all that have static images give me the following error:

WeBWorK Warnings

WeBWorK has encountered warnings while processing your request. If this occured when viewing a problem, it was likely caused by an error or ambiguity in that problem. Otherwise, it may indicate a problem with the WeBWorK system itself. If you are a student, report these warnings to your professor to have them corrected. If you are a professor, please consult the warning output below for more information.

Warning messages

  • ERROR in old_safe_ev, PGbasicmacros.pl: <PRE>
  • ## There is an error occuring inside evaluation brackets \{ ...code... \}
  • ## somewhere in an EV2 or EV3 or BEGIN_TEXT block.
  • ## Code evaluated:
  • ## image("p13.gif", height => 400, width => 400);
  • ##Timeout after processing this problem for 60 seconds. Check for infinite loops in problem source.
  • ##</PRE><BR/>
  • at line 1790 of [PG]/macros/PGbasicmacros.pl

Request information

Time Sun Mar 04 12:55:54 2018
Method GET
URI /webwork2/HonPrecal_2017/HW8-Chapter10/2/

I'm running:

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Everything else seems just fine.

Incidentally, the problem was Library/Utah/Intermediate_Algebra/set12_Conics/s12p13/s12p13.pg