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"Email instructor": call for collaboration

Re: "Email instructor": call for collaboration

by Andrew Parker -
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So far, students mainly provide questions, while faculty provide answers. Every once in a while, we get a student answering a question. Our system tags faculty members' avatars so that students know that they're being answered by a professor.

Our system also provides the question-asker with the option of marking a response "this answered my question" - as with StackExchange. We're currently trying to make this part of our students' routine when getting a question answered...

The system also identifies in which section the question-asker is enrolled, and sends an email notification to the professor for that section. Furthermore, it sends email notifications to the asker whenever their question receives a response. Other students are also able to "subscribe" to a question in order to receive a similar email notification.

We're aiming to release our WordPress plug-in this summer, so I'll try to remember to update this thread with the details once we've put it out in the wild...